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On vehicle cleaning systems and additives are not as great as you would think.

  • High pressure cleaning systems can cause contaminants to break loose in the fuel system, clogging injector filter screens.
  • If the pressure is to high on your cleaning system it can cause the filter screens to rupture, resulting in contaminants directly entering your injectors, damaging them beyond repair.
  • The harsh chemicals used in In-tank fuel system cleaners can cause severe damage to the injectors internal seals and windings.
  • On vehicle cleaners can cause damage to catalytic converters and oxygen sensors.

On vehicle cleaning systems and additives can cause more harm then good to your engine!

On vehicle fuel cleaning systems?

Fuel Injectors may need to be cleaned and tested for a variety of reasons such as:​​​

  • Extended storage periods of longer than 3 months
    • ​This is Especially true for Marine and power sport applications.
  • Fuel containing Ethanolhas been used.
    • ​Ethanol is very damaging to non flex fuel fuel injectors. Ethanol coats the pintle and pintle seat in injectors with a varnish, causing insufficient flow or sticking of the pintle resulting in to much flow.
  • Engine exhibits fuel related misfires.
    • ​Most fuel related misfires are directly linked to a faulty injector. Cleaning the injector can help rid your engine of these misfires.
  • Lean or rich running conditions or DTC's are perceived.
    • ​Faulty injectors can cause to little or to much fuel flow into the combustion chambers. By bench testing the fuel injectors we can determine if this is the cause of your faulty running conditions.
  • Engine cylinders are fuel washed or flooded.
    • ​A sticking pintle in an injector can cause an extended opening of the injector, resulting in to much fuel to enter the cylinders.
  • Major engine failure has occurred.
    • ​Unless the cause of the engine failure has been definitively determined, the fuel injectors should be tested and cleaned to ensure a fuel related misfire was not a cause of the engine failure.
    • When engine failure occurs, metallic particles can enter the cylinders of the engine. These particles then adhere to the injector tips and are blown back into the combustion chamber when the injectors next spray. If injectors are not cleaned before they are installed into a new engine, repeated engine failure can occur.
  • Dirt or other contaminants are found in the fuel system.
    • Injectors have a filter screen located in the top of the fuel injector. When these screens become clogged, the fuel injectors cannot operate as intended. 
      • ​With our cleaning process these screens are replaced or cleaned to ensure a long healthy life of your injector.

With an average cost of upwards of $100 for replacement injectors, replacing injectors can get very costly, very quick. Most problem injectors can be cleaned using our methods and all problems can be resolved, bringing the fuel injector back to original specifications. Apart from the cost, availability of injectors locally can be scarce and ordering injectors in could take a week. Our typical turn around for most injectors is 1 business day. Allowing you to put the injectors back into use in a faster more cost friendly manner.

Why should Injectors be cleaned and tested?

We can clean and flow test 90% of gasoline fuel injectors in use today. Including Marine application fuel injectors, Automotive Injectors, RV Injectors, Power sport Injectors, Side-feed Injectors, Hose end Injectors, Top-feed Injectors and GM spider Injectors.