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We design and supply over 2500 repair facilities with Technician Procedure sheets for all types of repairs. Procedure sheets are a good way to ensure your technicians are performing repairs properly and completely. They also assist in aiding Service Writers to explain repairs to your customers.

​Battery cable repair/rebuild parts, kits and tools for sale!    Why replace the entire battery cable on a vehicle when you can rebuild the damaged sections? We sell all the necessary terminals, cables, crimps, ends and tools you will need to build your own battery cables. Contact us today for more information and to order your new kit.

-Carburetor rebuilding, cleaning and adjusting. We have vast experience in carburetor repair and service. We also have many used Carburetor parts available for hard to find applications.

Advanced electrical, computer and drivability diagnostics and repairs. 
We have a multitude of scan tools, labscopes, electrical test equipment, sensor simulators and more for enhanced diagnostics.

OBD1 Diagnostics. (Especially GM vehicles). 
We have the scan tools need to diagnose OBD1 failures on vehicles.

Vast experience and knowledge in classic cars dating back to 1920. 
Mechanical and electrical restoration, power steering and brake conversions, engine overhauls, engine swaps and engine upgrades.

Wiring harness rebuilding, fabricating, or repair. 
We stock 1000+ plus feet of wire in all gauges and colors, along with many electrical harness parts, connectors and splices to allow us to build wiring harnesses from scratch or rebuild existing harnesses.

Fire damage repair. 
Nothing worse than seeing that scorched and melted vehicle come in on the wrecker. We specialize in repairing those vehicles that have been damaged in fires.

We have the capabilities to perform complete engine rebuilds. 
We rebuild engines old and new. We have all the necessary rebuilding tools and expertise for when a replacement engine just won't cut it.

We are Cadillac specialists.
We have all needed Cadillac specialty tools and experience to perform any necessary work on Cadillac vehicles, including Northstar Head gaskets and Cadillac Catera repairs.

GM, Ford, Chryslertiming component replacement
We have the master tool sets and experience to replace any timing components on these makes and more.

Having been a family owned independent shop for over 29 years we understand that working with and assisting other automotive repair shops is the only way to stay ahead of the ever expanding automotive industry and to keep customers satisfied. To do so, we want to share with you a small list of sublet/referral services we provide for Dealers and Other Repair Shops here at MasterTech to assist you in taking care of your customers. We are happy to assist you in any way possible. We offer a 15% labor discount to other automotive shops that outsource to us.